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Why bioVista?
We analyse your scanner checkout data and compare it with other shops. You can use this to optimise your product ranges so that you generate more revenue:

✓ Which (new) products actually promise me more turnover?
✓ Are there any unused gaps in the assortment?
✓ Do I charge reasonable prices?
✓ Which product area has the most potential for optimisation?

With around 460 retailers and many years of know-how, we have a broad base of meaningful evaluations ready for you. Our evaluations are used hundreds of times a month to optimise the product range and are therefore solution-oriented and tried and tested in daily use.
How does it work?
You transfer the scanner cash register data to bioVista every month with just a few clicks. For this purpose, we install a small utility program for the encrypted transfer of your data from the merchandise management system.
Who is using the data?
Retailers use the data for anonymised and free comparison with shops of similar structure. bioVista only provides sector data to retailers of the respective sector: An organic retailer compares his shop only with other organic shops of the same size category. A health food store only with other health food stores.

Manufacturers acquire anonymised evaluations to monitor success, control assortments, etc. This enables manufacturers to take measures tailored to customer needs, such as new products to meet demand.

The improved manufacturer services benefit the trade and thus the entire industry.
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What does bioVista cost?
bioVista is completely free of charge for retailers. It only "costs" a few mouse clicks per month to transfer your data to bioVista. In return, you will receive free monthly analyses on product range optimisation automatically in your email inbox.
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What evaluations do I receive?
✓ Top sellers & bum lists
✓ Interactive assortment optimisation
✓ price check
✓ Listing suggestions
✓ Store comparison
✓ Brand and category comparison
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What about data protection?
Reliable data protection is the supreme and irrevocable maxim in our business relations with you as a retailer. This forms the basis of our business.

✓ We evaluate your till receipts, not your costs or even earnings!
✓ No passing on to dealers outside the specialist trade!
✓ No insight into data of individual shops or store systems!
✓ No conclusions about individual retailers or even locations!
✓ No disclosure of retailers participating in the panel!
✓ Anonymised: Your shop's data will be aggregated with other retailers.
✓ Your data is securely transmitted to bioVista with encryption!
✓ Guarantee: the data stored in the bioVista data centre is protected from third-party access!
How can I participate?
Would you like to benefit from the free bioVista evaluation every month? Then become a bioVista partner now and register here: